LumiSlim Laser Fat Reduction TechnologyLaser Liposuction can help you get the self confidence you need. Truly non-invasive fat reduction techniques are few and far in between. But now with Laser Liposuction you can be sure that you can drop the pounds you need to drop, all while keeping yourself healthy and away from dangerous surgeries.

Because everyone can agree, the image of your body to yourself is your self-esteem; and though your self-esteem is important your safety and life are MUCH more important. Hence Laser Lipo, which allows patients to drop pounds through laser fat removal, many have been surprised by how easy and quick it is to seemingly melt away fat.

The Zerona Laser, is a laser liposuction method, developed by Erchonia which uses a cold laser. So discomfort is not even an issue and when it comes to laser lipo, you never need to worry about swelling or unsightly scars and bruises. For Laser Fat Reduction, our state of the art equipment will allow you to reduce the circumference of your abs, hips, legs or eliminate your love handles! And with no down time, the laser lipo is the most simple and easy way to lose weight.

And after your laser lipo treatment our helpful and knowledgable staff, will get you on your way to continue and establish healthy habits in your lifestyle which will allow you to not only excentuate the effects of your laser fat removal, but will also help you maintain your lost weight.

For many, the Laser Liposuction may be the single most dynamic and best weight loss solution for those seeking non-invasive procedures. Surgery can delay your life but with laser lipo, you can lose the weight you need to lose and be ready for life the second you walk out of the office. Be sure to do your research and most importantly stay happy and healthy!