Fat Reduction System LumiSlim is Preferred Over Liposuction

fat reductionIf you’ve been considering liposuction for your problem areas, think again. These days you have other options, and LumiSlim smartlipo is a much better option than traditional surgical liposuction. Plenty of people work very hard to reduce fat by getting regular exercise and eating a healthy diet, but for certain areas of the body that is not enough. The most popular places to get liposuction are in those problem areas; the upper arms, waist or love handles, thighs, and belly often retain a little bit of fat no matter how hard you work. But rather than have surgery that can leave scarring, bruising, and feels painful, check out LumiSlim laser fat reduction system. Read the rest of this entry »


LumiSlim Laser Fat Reduction TechnologyThe word liposuction implies a certain amount of invasiveness – after all, to suction fat you must be able to get at it, right? Therefore, non surgical liposuction is something of a contradiction in terms.

Admittedly, there are claims made of non surgical liposuction. A more appropriate term would be ‘alternatives to liposuction’. These procedures are said to give patients the results of liposuction without surgery. Read more about what the Wikipedia have to say about non-surgical liposuction.

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LumiSlim Laser Fat Reduction TechnologyLaser Liposuction can help you get the self confidence you need. Truly non-invasive fat reduction techniques are few and far in between. But now with Laser Liposuction you can be sure that you can drop the pounds you need to drop, all while keeping yourself healthy and away from dangerous surgeries.

Because everyone can agree, the image of your body to yourself is your self-esteem; and though your self-esteem is important your safety and life are MUCH more important. Hence Laser Lipo, which allows patients to drop pounds through laser fat removal, many have been surprised by how easy and quick it is to seemingly melt away fat.
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LumiSlim Laser Fat ReductionAre a few stubborn pockets of body fat or excess weight around your hips, thighs and waistline preventing you from looking your best? Laser liposculpture could be the answer, an innovative fat removal technique that uses laser technology to emulsify body fat before it is removed from the body. LumiSlim is among the most innovative laser liposuction procedures available, and many plastic surgeons in the United States are trained to deliver exceptional results with the procedure.

If you’ve been considering laser liposuction, you may be a good candidate for the LumiSlim procedure. Set up a consultation with a plastic surgeon in your area to learn more about the benefits and drawbacks of LumiSlim.

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I’ve always struggled with my weight. I consider myself to be pretty healthy; I watch what I eat and I exercise regularly. But there are a few problem areas that just will not respond to exercise. No matter how targeted my workout is, my love handles and my belly will not smooth over in a way that makes me comfortable in a bikini.

LumiSlim - Fat Reduction Laser TechnolgyOf course, many men and women struggle with exactly the same problem areas. When I started to look into liposuction, just out of curiosity, I was overwhelmed by the amount of information there is online. Some people have great experiences and feel happy about the way their body looks. Others report horrible scarring, talk about the pain and discomfort of liposuction, or post pictures of gross bruising.

Luckily, I stumbled on smartlipo. LumiSlim is one of the top brands offering a great non surgical liposuction alternative, often called cold laser lipo. The cellulite treatment of lipolysis actually breaks down the cell walls of fat cells. The fat cells melt! But LumiSlim doesn’t have an effect on your skin or any of the other cells in your body. Plus it can be highly targeted for spot fat reduction in those problem areas we always complain about.

LumiSlim was described to me as laser sculpting at first. And I must admit that laser liposuction didn’t sound like fun to me at all. I thought the doctor was going to burn the fat off with a laser – which sounds worse than traditional liposuction. Of course, that is not what happens at all.

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Our comparison of the leading lipolysis laser fat reduction brands

LumiSlim - Fat Reduction Laser TechnolgyLaser liposuction is a new technology that is taking the market by storm. You can already get all kinds of laser fat removal in Melbourne and around the world, and there are plenty of companies jumping on the bandwagon, hoping they can cash in. So which is the best laser lipo brand? Is lipolysis so complex that it makes a different which brand you use? Is spot fat reduction just a fad or will it be replacing traditional liposuction?

Top Brands Today

Already, there are some obvious leaders based on advertising and availability. Strawberry Lipo as well as Crystal Medical have done a pretty good job of attracting customers. I Lipo, Lapex 2000, and Zerona are also up near the top. Veva22, Slimline Fat Loss, and Cool Lipo also deserve mention. But the one brand that seems to systematically stand out is LumiSlim. No gimmicks, just the best in cold laser technology and fat reduction through lipolysis. Read the rest of this entry »